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Firewood Sales in Greenbush Michigan

We offer quality firewood to the residents in and near Alcona County, MI.

Local Seasoned Firewood

Pick Up Full Cords or Bundles

If you’re looking firewood for camping, home or business heating, Greg’s Tree Service should be your first stop.  Whether you operate a local business, or you are just looking for a way to keep your home warm through the winter, we have what you need. Greg’s sells firewood perfectly suited to meet your needs, in fact, our natural and locally sourced firewood is ideal for both commercial and residential use!

While performing tree removal jobs in the local areas, we store our logs in chronological order to guarantee the properly seasoned logs get cut and split first. We take pride in providing quality firewood to our customers. This is why our customers continue to buy from us for years. You can purchase and pick-up your seasoned firewood at our facility located at 4900 US 23 Greenbush , MI 48738.

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